Ann-Louice Abrahamsson

Art and Ceramics

The environment and nature surrounding my life in the north are also present in my art. In my artwork you will fi nd motifs from the Arctic landscape and its characteristic buildings, under the light of the midnight sun as well as in the darkness of midwinter. In ceramics the proximity of the hand to the material fascinates me, and I mostly create utility items in high-temperature stoneware.

I am based in Kiruna, the town where I was born and raised. Since 1999, I have worked here as a ceramicist and watercolour artist.
In the environment I grew up in there was joy and pride in personal creativity. I learned at an early age to craft in different materials, and I discovered the joy of shaping an idea and creating with my hands.
The most fascinating thing about ceramics is the closeness to the material; that I can affect the process with my hands, seeing the form emerge from a non-descript lump of clay.
It is key to my designs that the product is something to be used, therefore my ceramic production consists mostly of everyday utensils. They are manufactured in high-fired stoneware to make the material more durable. The objects must be functional and at the same time have an attractive design. Over the years, the white glaze became something of a trademark of mine. It gave room for design and patterns in my ceramics. More recently, ornaments have become more prominent, where I have been experimenting with reliefs and colours to achieve a more contrasting effect.
In watercolour painting I am challenged by both the unpredictability of the natural tendencies of water and by my ability to control the process. These two inherent properties of watercolour result in works that are both realistic and abstract.
Nature and my northerly habitat are also present in my art. The contrasts of one season compared to the next give an eternal variation – in every month, any given motif changes under a slow but incalculable force.
In the watercolours you find motifs from the Arctic landscape and its characteristic settlements and settings in a bland of the midnight sun and midwinter darkness.
I strive to make visible things that familiarity makes invisible, and to show everyone else the beautiful landscape we are living in.


Watercolors with motif from Kiruna, Lapland

Articles for everyday use made in stoneware and porcelain

Art and ceramics by Ann-Louice Abrahamsson