Anders Skoglind

Blacksmith, Wood Craftsman and Cartoonist

When it comes to forging, I create both art and functional items. Axes are a speciality of mine, where woodworking also plays a part in the shape of adorned handles with chip carving or animal motifs. When I get inspired, I also carve wooden fi gures of various kinds. The cartoons I draw are 91:an, Hälge and my own series Viltliv. I also illustrate my own and others’ books.

Mankind has known for almost 5000 years that iron becomes malleable at high temperatures. There have been smiths for just as long, working the hot iron with the trinity of hammer and anvil and forge. Those three are still the basis for the smith`s craft, even though we have other technical aids today. I design ironproducts, both wrought iron and utility items. Sometimes styles coincide and a useful function can have an attractive design. Some of the items are based on historical originals but most are my own design. Do you have an idea of your own that you wish to be made into reality?.

Anders Skoglind   Saittarova 54   980 61 Tärendö   Tel 070 3314936